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DFD2  June 1979                          S.D. Roadster Bob & Tannye Young  1-Gauge
DFD3 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Fred Gottschalk  1-gauge
DFD4 1979                                    Std. Roadster L. David & Rosie M. Cassou  1-gauge
DFD19 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Vince & Jean McCormish  2-gauge
DFD20 1979                                      D. Roadster Leland & Jean Bonneville  1-gauge
DFD29 Oct. 1979                           S.D. Roadster Kenneth & Monica Drake  1-gauge
DFD49 Nov. 1979                          S.D. Roadster Robert Parks  1-gauge
MOM1EX0011 1979                       Street Rod Roadster John Nicholas  New Gauges
MOM1EX0062 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Mike Ostrenga  2-gauge
MOM1EX0071 Dec.14,1979                      S.D. Roadster Clarence & Gilda Welbes  1-gauge
MOM1EX0083 Jan. 1980                           S.D. Roadster Grover Knoll  N/A
MOM1EX0085 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Ron & Joy Clement  1-gauge 
MOM1EX0086 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Jan & Howard Titzer  1-gauge
MOM1EX0091 Jan.8,1980                         S.D. Roadster Jim Schwab  1-gauge
MOM1EX0092 1979                                     S.D. Roadster Jim & Carolyn Guyse  1-gauge
MOM1EX0100 1979                                       D. Roadster Ike Presley  N/A
MOM1EX0106 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Pat Hastings  1-gauge
MOM1EX0107                                              D. Roadster Mike Billingsley  1-gauge
MOM1EX0110 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Martyn Besselsen  3-gauge
MOM1EX0119 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Derek Stapleton  1-gauge
MOM1EX0123 Dec 1979                           S.D. Roadster Daniel Hesketh  N/A
MOM1EX0129 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Rich Boggeman  N/A
MOM1EX0142                                                    Roadster Anthony Consola  1-gauge
MOM1EX0156 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Bill & Sheryl Elrod  1-gauge
MOM1EX0181 Jan 1980                            S.D. Roadster Bob & Joyce Kinney  1-gauge
MOM1EX0185 July 1980                    Tim Lynch  N/A
MOM1EX0211 Jan. 1980                          S.D. Roadster             Darrel & Joi Wilson  1-gauge
MOM1EX0213 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Mike Holloway  1-gauge
MOM1EX0224 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Michael & Cathy Tyson  1-gauge
MOM1EX0227 June 1,1979                      S.D. Roadster Rick & Sheila Lawrenson  1-gauge
MOM1EX0229 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Jim & Jan McGrew  1-gauge
MOM1EX0239 Dec. 20, 1979                     S.D. Roadster H. D. Gaultney  1-gauge
MOM1EX0245 1979                                    S.D. Roadster Lt. Col. Dick Wells Ret & Jani  1-gauge
MOM1EX0248 Jan. 1980                           S.D. Roadster Paul B. Plant  1-gauge
MOM1EX0255 Jan 1980                            S. D. Roadster Robert & Cindy Dempsey  1-gauge
MOM1EX0269 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Tommy & Penny Haynes  1-gauge
MOM1EX0272 1980                                      D. Roadster Robb & Jody Ashburn  1-gauge
MOM1EX0291 Jan. 9,1980                        S.D. Roadster James F. Bacon  1-gauge
MOM1EX0295 Jan. 18, 1980                     S.D. Roadster Cliff & Pina Colee   1-gauge
MOM1EX0310 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Robert & Carol Muir  1-gauge
MOM1EX0317 1980                                    Std. Roadster Ralph & Barbara Brush  1-gauge
MOM1EX0322 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Ralph & Jan Decker  1-gauge
MOM1EX0323 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Ken & Joy Carter  1-gauge
MOM1EX0325                                            S.D. Roadster Jack Hobbie  1-gauge
MOM1EX0336 1980                             Elmer Amacker  N/A.
MOM1EX0341 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Dick & Judy Todd  1-gauge
MOM1EX0378 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Dennis & Carol  Myers  1-gauge
MOM1EX0382 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Happy Huddleston  1-gauge
MOM1EX0387 1980                                   S.D. Roadster  1-gauge
MOM1EX0399 1979                                         D. Roadster N/A
MOM1EX0411 1980                                      D. Roadster Joseph F. Irwin  1-gauge
MAOM1EX0429 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Kenneth Culp  1-gauge
MOM1EX0434 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Rick Sanchez  1-gauge
MOM1EX0447 Jan. 1980                              D. Roadster Curt Sauer  N/A
MOM1EX0448 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Jack & Ruth Dale  1-gauge
MOM1EX0453                                                D. Roadster Lloyd & Theresa Franz  1-gauge
MOM1EX0457 Jan.11,1980                       S.D. Roadster Ralph Stevens  1-gauge
MOM1EX0472 Jan. 1980                           S.D. Roadster Robert Seaman  N/A
MOM1EX0480 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Rick & Patsy Yokuty  1-gauge
MOM1EX0545 Jan 1980                                D. Roadster Barry & Michelle Vine  N/A
MOM1EX0557 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Isabel Loeb  1-gauge
MOM1EX0564 Jan 1980                            S.D. Roadster Skip & Bernadette Clevenger  1-gauge
MOM1EX0565 1980                                   Std  Roadster Dick & Kathie Westrope  1-gauge
MOM1EX0569 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Gerald & Marylee Phelps  1-gauge
MOM1EX0570  Jan. 1980                           S.D. Roadster Ron & Renee Handy   1-gauge  
MOM1EX0665 Jan. 1980                           S.D. Roadster John W Keyser  1-gauge
MOM1EX0672 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Kim & Duane Hunter  1-gauge
MOM1EX0678  Jan. 1980                          S.D. Roadster John & Mary Ann Bucsko  N/A
MOM1EX0691 1980                                       D. Roadster Thomas Jenness  1-gauge
MOM1EX0693                                  Std. Roadster Tim & Shereen Davis  N/A
MOM1EX0696                                             S.D. Roadster Al Gorr Sr. & Al Gorr Jr.  1-gauge
MOM1EX0713 Jan. 1980                           S.D. Roadster Richard Hause  Lucy Pearce  1-gauge
MOM1EX0719 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Nancy & Rick Laughton  1-gauge
MOM1EX0734 Sept 1979                              D. Roadster William T. & Kathy L. Kern  1-gauge
MOM1EX0752 Jan 1980                             Std. Roadster Lynne & Jim Chandler  N/A
MOM1EX0757 1980                                       D. Roadster Bob & Barbara Ellsworth  1-gauge
MOM1EX0787 1980                                       D. Roadster Edward R Smith  1-gauge
MOM1EX0789                                            Std. Roadster John & Joyce Wood  N/A
MOM1EX0805                                             S.D. Roadster Bob & Delores Schlosser   1-gauge 
MOM1EX0806 Jan 1980                             S.D. Roadster Doug & Lynn Hemphill  1-gauge
MOM1EX0825 Nov 1980                              D. Roadster Johnny & Justine Lloyd  2-gauge
MOM1EX0829 Jan. 1980                           S.D. Roadster Mike McFarland  N/A
MOM1EX0835 1979                                   Std. Roadster Roger Vines  N/A
MOM1EX0846 Jan. 1980                           S.D. Roadster Bert & Virginia  Courtright  N/A
MOM1EX0874 1980                                       D. Roadster Butch & Lin Glore  1-gauge
MOM1EX0877 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Ed & Sharon Pugh  N/A
MOM1EX0881 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Dick Johnson  2-gauge
MOM1EX0900 Feb. 1980                           S.D. Roadster Gary Piscitello  1-gauge
MOM1EX0912 1980                             Robert Crawford  N/A
MOM1EX0943 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Harry & Christine Meidert  N/A
MOM1EX0945 1980                                      D. Roadster Andreas & Irina Hoevel  1-gauge
MOM1EX0963 1980                             Mike Hansen  N/A
MOM1EX0967 Dec. 5. 1979                      S.D. Roadster Terry & Betty Babcock  1-gauge
MOM1EX0977 April 28,1980                    S.D. Roadster Phil & Debbie Beauford  1-gauge
MOM1EX0984                                            S.D. Roadster John & Becky Doherty  2-gauge
MOM1EX0989 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Robert Parke  N/A
MOM1EX0997 Aug. 1980                          S.D. Roadster Robert D. Smith  N/A
MOM1EX0998 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Roy Alexander  2-gauge
MOM1EX1002 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Juan & Sherri Gonzalez  2-gauge
MOM1EX1022 1981                                   S.D. Roadster Mike & Heidi Pahls  2-gauge
MOM1EX1027 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Wade & Debbie Vernon  1-gauge
MOM1EX1034 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Ivan Harvey  2-gauge
MOM1EX1043 May 1980                           S.D. Roadster Caroline Bechard  1-gauge
MOM1EX1045 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Ed Griffith  2-gauge
MOM1EX1047 May 1980                           S.D. Roadster Cecil & Becky Cline  1-gauge
MOM1EX1057 June 11, 1980                   S.D. Roadster Waled & Valeria  Raban  1-gauge
MOM1EX1060 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Carl Coley   1-gauge
MOM1EX1074 1980                                   S.D. Roadster David & Cynthia Watson  1-gauge
MOM1EX1080 June 1980                         S.D. Roadster Gary & Bonnie Halberg Sr.  1-gauge
MOM1EX1097 1980                                     D. Roadster Timothy & Betty Afton  1-gauge
MOM1EX1098 April 2, 1980                     S.D. Roadster Bill & Betty Clinkenbeard  N/A
MOM1EX1100 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Buzz & Teresa McCown  N/A
MOM1EX1103 Feb 1980                             S.D. Roadster John & Gwen Lochren  1-gauge
MOM1EX1114 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Neal & Billie Schultz  N/A
MOM1EX1118 1980                                    Std Roadster          Ellsworth Bruner  N/A
MOM1EX1136 Nov. 1980                          S.D. Roadster Robert & Chris Meyers  N/A
MOM1EX1137 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Fred A. Mason  N/A
MOM1EX1141 1980                                       D. Roadster  Chuck & Fran Liedke  2-gauge
MOM1EX1143 Feb. 1980                             S.D. Roadster John & Barbara Neill  1-gauge
MOM1EX1147 1979                                       D. Roadster Nancy & Frank Shaw  1-gauge
MOM1EX1162                                            S.D. Roadster Stan & Sandy Muraski  N/A
MOM1EX1170 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Ken & Cathy Peterson  1-gauge
MOM1EX1172 1980                                           Modified Jim & Janet Bartlett  N/A
MOM1EX1173 July 1980                           S.D. Roadster Jerry Thompson  1-gauge
MOM1EX1174  1980                                   S.D. Roadster  Barry & Delene Fleming   1-gauge 
MOM1EX1176 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Kirk & Carole MacMillan  2-gauge
MOM1EX1184 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Lloyd & Marilyn Banks  1-gauge
MOM1EX1193 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Faye & Al Heyn  1-gauge
MOM1EX1222 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Jon Young  2-gauge
MOM1EX1234 1979                                   S.D. Roadster Mike & Sue Sare  1-gauge
MOM1EX1248  ?                                        S.D. Roadster Larry & Pat Curlee  1-gauge
MOM1EX1156 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Pete & Kelli Heins  1-gauge
MOM1EX1284 ?                                            D. Roadster Prof John N. & Shirley Weis  1-gauge
MOM1EX1291 Larry Bicknell  1-gauge
MOM1EX1292 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Dennis & Linda Taylor  N/A
MOM1EX1311 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Bobby Watson  1-gauge
MOM1EX1313 Feb. 1980                            S.D. Roadster Jim Sanders  1-gauge
MOM1EX1314 1980                                           Roadster Clyde & Karen Petty  1-gauge
MOM1EX1316 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Jerry Hardin  1-gauge
MOM1EX1317 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Harold & Patricia Brewer  1-gauge
MOM1EX1321 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Andrew & Christi Beltz  1-gauge
MOM1EX1326 Feb 1980                           S.D. Roadster Mark & Judy Proefke  1-gauge
MOM1EX1340 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Gene & Sharon Gross  1-gauge
MOM1EX1342 Oct 1983                                    Roadster Frank Vopasek  2-gauge
MOM1EX1350 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Larry & Lydia Dodson  N/A
MOM1EX1354 April 23,1980                    S.D. Roadster Kevin & Linda Goings  1-gauge
MOM1EX1355 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Joseph P. Dusavage  1-gauge
MOM1EX1363 1980                                      D. Roadster Rex & April Myers  1-gauge
MOM1EX1369 April 1980                          S.D. Roadster Pete & Kay Harrelson  1-gauge
MOM1EX1383                                                    Roadster Christopher Hill  2-gauge
MOM1EX1389 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Dale & Frances Jones  N/A
MOM1EX1393 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Jim & Dawn Garner  N/A
MOM1EX1398 Feb. 1980                          S.D. Roadster Alan & Shirley Smith  1-gauge
MOM1EX1400 Feb. 1980                          S.D. Roadster     Tim & Lisa Spicer   1-gauge 
MOM1EX1405 1980                                      D. Roadster Tom & Kim Risalvato  2-gauge
MOM1EX1412 Feb. 1980                          S.D. Roadster John T. White  1-gauge
MOM1EX1421  ?                                           D. Roadster Wayne & Teri Dowalder  2-gauge
MOM1EX1432 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Richard & Sara Swanson  N/A
MOM1EX1446 1980                                   S.D. Roadster William "Bill" Gourley  N/A
MOM1EX1447 1980                           S.D. Roadster James Michael Kimbrell  N/A
MOM1EX1449 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Gerald R. Watson  N/A
MOM1EX1461                                         Shay  Roadster Levi & Linda Sloop  1-gauge
MOM1EX1465 1980                                   S.D. Roadster James & Beth Geraghty   1-gauge
MOM1EX1468 February 1980                   S.D. Roadster Herb Lorenz   1-gauge
MOM1EX1472 ?                                        S.D. Roadster Owen & Jackie Primavera  1-gauge
MOM1EX1474 1980                                      A. Roadster Kenneth Moore  N/A
MOM1EX1480                                            S.D. Roadster Don & Molly Morey  2-gauge
MOM1EX1482 1980                                   S.D. Roadster John & Patricia Curea  N/A
MOM1EX1512                                 S.D. Roadster James & Sandy Laplante  2-gauge
MOM1EX1524 July 1980                           S.D. Roadster Dick Benach  N/A
MOM1EX1538 1980                                   S.D. Roadster John & Gerri Gendall  1-gauge
MOM1EX1563 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Richard & Fidela Plunkett  1-gauge
MOM1EX1571                                            S.D. Roadster Martin & Joan Blank  1-gauge
MOM1EX1572 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Jay Paul Chance  N/A
MOM1EX1585 1980                                   S.D. Roadster John & Georgia Clegg  1-gauge
MOM1EX1602 Sept 1980                              D. Roadster Lawrence & Linda Edwards  2-gauge
1980                                      D. Roadster Bill Steele  N/A
MOM1EX1630 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Paul & Rosemarie Schneiler  1-gauge
MOM1EX1642 1980                                   S.D. Roadster M. & J. Dahl  N/A
MOM1EX1649 April 29,1980                        D. Roadster Philip Sparks  N/A
MOM1EX1658 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Ray & Joanne Hofmann  2-gauge
MOM1EX1660 1980                                       D. Roadster Dewey Buck  2-gauge
MOM1EX1661 1980                                       D. Roadster Brian & Linda Sammon  2-gauge
MOM1EX1676 Feb. 1980                           S.D. Roadster Bob & Linda Cowgill  1-gauge
MOM1EX1683 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Gary Mckendree  N/A
MOM1EX1684 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Richard Dawson   1-gauge
MOM1EX1714 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Jerry & Judy Allen  1-gauge
MOM1EX1727 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Paul & Gail Talley  1-gauge
MOM1EX1732 1980                                      D. Roadster Wendy & Ken Fries  1-gauge
MOM1EX1746 1980                                      D. Roadster Dave & Nancy Schafer  1-gauge
MOM1EX1756 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Ronald H. Ross  N/A
MOM1EX1767 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Mike Chanter  2-gauge
MOM1EX1779 Feb.  1980                         S.D. Roadster Jerry & Connie Rief  1-gauge
MOM1EX1781 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Robert & Donna Cox  2-gauge
MOM1EX1789 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Robert & Adriana Plum  N/A
MOM1EX1790 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Cindy Sullivan & Kevin Knoop  2-gauge
MOM1EX1812  1980                                   S.D. Roadster Bruce & Doris Claude  1-gauge
MOM1EX1814 Aug. 1980                         S.D. Roadster Fhane & Sue Jones  1-gauge
MOM1EX1817                                           S.D. Roadster Scott & Sylvia Forsen  1-gauge
MOM1EX1823 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Nello & Virginia Dunlap  2-gauge
MOM1EX1826 1980                                  S.D. Roadster David Johnson  1-gauge
MOM1EX1827 June 11,1980                   S.D. Roadster Jack & Mary Weaver  1-gauge
MOM1EX1831 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Derrill & Nancy Macho  1-gauge
MOM1EX1850 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Mike & Janie Danielson  1-gauge
MOM1EX1860 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Mark & Beth Howard  1-gauge
MOM1EX1865 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Jerry McDonald  1-gauge
MOM1EX1872 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Robert & Carol Strow  1-gauge
MOM1EX1980 1980                                     D. Roadster Dan Martin  2-gauge
MOM1EX1881 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Tom & Peggy Perkins  1-gauge
MOM1EX1884 April 2008                             D. Roadster CJ & Lee Reinhartsen  1-gauge
MOM1EX1885 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Henry & Lavina Truslow  N/A
MOM1EX1893 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Jan & Howard Titzer  1-gauge
MOM1EX1905 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Bill & Cheryl Gormbard  1-gauge
MOM1EX1906 1980                                   S.D. Roadster William & Wendy Nelson  1-gauge
MOM1EX1909 ?                                        S.D. Roadster Jerry & Jimmie Sue Garrett  1-gauge
MOM1EX1910 Aug 13, 1980                      S.D. Roadster Sheldon & Carolyn Cotten  1-gauge
MOM1EX1913 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Pete Julian  1-gauge
MOM1EX1914 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Ronald & Cindy Rossiter  1-gauge
MOM1EX1926 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Eddie Leach  1-gauge
MOM1EX1927 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Chuck McDonald  N/A
MOM1EX1929 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Dave & Dawn Dolajeck  1-gauge
MOM1EX1947 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Chuck & Cathy Waters  1-gauge
MOM1EX1949 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Jan & Irene Van Straten  1-gauge
MOM1EX1959 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Clyde & Marquita Pace  1-gauge
MOM1EX1961 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Jim & Dolly Wendland  N/A
MOM1EX1965 1979                                  S.D.  Roadster           John & Carol Neph  1-gauge
MOM1EX1970 May 1980                             D. Roadster David & Marsha Fleming  1-gauge
MOM1EX1973 June 1980                        S.D. Roadster Bob & Billie Kimbrell  1-gauge
MOM1EX1991 March 1980                      S.D. Roadster Charles Stevenson  1-gauge
MOM1EX2003 1980                           Modify  Roadster Fred Brenton  1-gauge
MOM1EX2105 1980                                 S.D. Roadster James Di Cecco  1-gauge
MOM1EX2007 June 1980                          S.D. Roadster Denver & Judy Black  1-gauge
MOM1EX2008 Dec 1980                            S. D. Roadster Herb & Connie Carson  2-gauge
MOM1EX2032 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Andre Coens   N/A
MOM1EX2040 1982                                  S.D. Roadster Cliff & Sue Kettle  N/A
MOM1EX2041 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Jack & Judy Lindberg  N/A
MOM1EX2044 1979                                  S.D. Roadster Roy & Kathy Dolen  1-gauge
MOM1EX2049 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Ed & Suzy Jordan  1-gauge
MOM1EX2052 Feb 1980                           S.D. Roadster Patrick Burton  1-gauge
MOM1EX2056 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Norman & Sandra Nelson  N/A
MOM1EX2063 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Leslie Kimbrell  1-gauge
MOM1EX2074 Nov. 11, 1979                   S.D. Roadster Chuck Rossbach  N/A
MOM1EX2077 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Ted Larcom  1-gauge
MOM1EX2107 May 1980                          S.D. Roadster Sheldon Eisenberg  1-gauge
MOM1EX2109 1980                                     D. Roadster Jim & Helen Blaney  1-gauge
MOM1EX2114    1980                                  S.D. Roadster Donald & Myrna Kitchen  N/A
MOM1EX2132 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Thomas Chilton  2-gauge
MOM1EX2137 1980                                          Roadster Eldon & Jaye Lowe  1-gauge
MOM1EX2154 1980         #1  Rare S.D.     Shay C-CAB Jerry & Judy Allen  2-gauge
MOM1EX2171 April 1980                          S.D. Roadster Barry & Paula Burdett  1-gauge
MOM1EX2184 1979                                  S.D. Roadster Mark Wilson  N/A
MOM1EX2198 April 15, 1980                      D. Roadster Everett & Charlotte Erb  1-gauge
MOM1EX2209 Feb 1980                           S.D. Roadster Karen & Scott Snyder  1-gauge
MOM1EX2211 Jan 1980                           S.D. Roadster Ian Drury  2-gauge
MOM1EX2217 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Jay & Patty Morrison  1-gauge
MOM1EX2266 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Chuck & Gail Zirino  N/A
MOM1EX2281 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Mike Botelho  N/A
MOM1EX2289 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Jim Starr  1-gauge
MOM1EX2313 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Scott & Carren Porter  1-gauge
MOM1EX2314  April 1980                        S.D. Roadster Mike Sturdevant  1-gauge
MOM1EX2315 1980                                     D. Roadster Jim Tough  1-gauge
MOM1EX2317                                               D. Roadster Wenscell Ogden Jr.  1-gauge
MOM1EX2325 1980                                     D. Roadster Richard Monson  2-gauge
MOM1EX2348 1980                                    D. Roadster Gerald & Iryna Petti  1-gauge
MOM1EX2352 1980                                  S.D. Roadster David Cohen  N/A
MOM1EX2354 1980                                      D. Roadster Richard & Irene Curtis  1-gauge
MOM1EX2358 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Carmine A. Abbatiello  N/A
MOM1EX2377 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Richard & Jean Scoular  2-gauge
MOM1EX2391                                            S.D. Roadster Grampa Brian & June Danko  1-gauge
MOM1EX2398 May 1980                          S.D. Roadster John & Ann Vogel  1-gauge
MOM1EX2410                                           S.D. Roadster Donna  Reeds  2-gauge
MOM1EX2437 1980                                            D. Roadster Tom & Diana Askey  2-gauge
MOM1EX2438 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Richard & Donna Murphy  1-gauge
MOM1EX2439 1979                                  S.D. Roadster Ivan & Laura Schwalm  2-gauge
MOM1EX2446 April 10, 1980                  S.D. Roadster Jimmy & Patty Salmons  1-gauge
MOM1EX2449 June 1980                        S.D. Roadster Ronald C. Andersson  1-gauge
MOM1EX2452 Sept. 1978                         S.D. Roadster Roy Dyson  N/A
MOM1EX2459 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Mike & Carole Williams  1-gauge
MOMIEX2471 Sept 8, 1980                        D. Roadster Thomas & Jayne Fulton  1-gauge
MOM1EX2479 June 1980                          S.D. Roadster David B. Albrecht  1-Gauge
MOM1EX2511 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Ralph Perdomo  1-gauge
MOM1EX2528 1980                                          Roadster Jerome & Jane Vikse  N/A
MOM1EX2529 1980                                      D. Roadster William ( Tom )  Hosea  N/A
MOM1EX2552 1980                                  Std. Roadster Larry & Betsy Coppinger  1-gauge
MOM1EX2557 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Randy & Nanci Johnson  N/A
MOM1EX2606 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Mervyn A. Schwedt  1-gauge
MOM1EX2615 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Wayne & Janice Phalen  N/A
MOM1EX2617 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Christopher & Cecilia Boze  1-gauge
MOM1EX2649 March 1980                      S.D. Roadster Todd Slade & Nancy Brunetti  1-gauge
MOM1EX2652   1980                Pepsi Cola S.D. Roadster Joseph & Nancy Bieber  1-gauge
MOM1EX2663 April 11, 1980                   S.D. Roadster Ona & Charles Trubee  1-gauge
MOM1EX2678                                               D. Roadster  Bob & Carla Bucala  1-gauge
MOM1EX2689 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Larry & Lynn Ray  1-gauge
MOM1EX2695  April 1980                         S.D. Roadster Albert & Ramona Montefusco Jr.  1-gauge
MOM1EX2698                                               D. Roadster Jim & Sheila Hundley  1-gauge
MOM1EX2700 Aug 1980                           S.D. Roadster John & Sher Shirey  1-gauge
MOM1EX2718 April 1980                          S.D. Roadster Doug Crispin  1-gauge
MOM1EX2721 April 1980                          S.D. Roadster Mike & Cathy Howard  1-gauge
MOM1EX2730 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Gene & Marion Holseth   N/A
MOM1EX2745 1980                             Harry & Maureen Putnam  N/A
MOM1EX2758 April 23, 1980                   S.D. Roadster Bill & Carole Glahn  1-gauge
MOM1EX2764 1980                                     D. Roadster Gary & Jeannette Worthington  2-gauge
MOM1EX2773 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Robert & Jeanine Magrude  2-gauge
MOM1EX2774 1980                                          Roadster Richard R. Brown  N/A
MOM1EX2782                                           S.D. Roadster J B Tyler  1-gauge
MOMIEX2786                                              D. Roadster Joe Mulvey  N/A
MOM1EX2791 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Robert Gerometta  1-gauge
MOM1EX2801 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Bob & Carol Schmoock  1-gauge
MOM1EX2832 1980                             Kathy & Randy Bechtel  N/A
MOM1EX2833 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Everett & Mary Fox  1-gauge
MOM1EX2837 1980                                       D. Roadster Ken & Susie Souder  1-gauge
MOM1EX2841 1980                                       D. Roadster Daniel & Ruth Penn  2-gauge
MOM1EX2846 June 1979                              D. Roadster Harold & Georgia Heinbuck  1-gauge
MOM1EX2854 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Cathy Langston  N/A
MOM1EX2897  June 26, 1980                     Std. Roadster John & Cathy Jury  N/A
MOM1EX2919 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Dennis & Judi Hebert  1-gauge
MOM1EX2951     1980                                      D. Roadster James Di Prima  N/A
MOM1EX2965 1980                                      D. Roadster Michael & Kristin Dailey  1-gauge
MOM1EX2999 1980                                      D. Roadster Robert & Martha Channell  2-gauge
MOM1EX3003   June 1980                             D. Roadster Stephen & Dee Eichler  2-gauge 
MOM1EX3006 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Major & Constance Inch  N/A
MOM1EX3008 1980                                    S.D. Roadster George Scofield  1-gauge
MOM1EX3026 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Wallace & Delores Schulenberg  1-gauge
MOM1EX3029 1980                                      D. Roadster Dene & Bev Rogers  2-gauge
MOM1EX3037 1980                                      D. Roadster William C. Wingfield Sr  1-gauge
MOM1EX3046 June 1980                             D. Roadster Joel & Gail Aurand  1-gauge
MOM1EX3071 1980                                      D. Roadster Bud & Bev Gault  1-gauge
MOM1EX3073 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Dan  Marheine  1-gauge
MOM1EX3076 1980                                   S.D. Roadster James R. Avery  N/A
MOM1EX3083 1980                                      S.D. Roadster Richard & Lynn Cantin  2-gauge
MOM1EX3087 1980                                      Std Roadster Duane & Lora Cook  2-gauge
MOM1EX3094                                            Std. Roadster Richard & Ola Mae Navarre  2-gauge
MOM1EX3100 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Greg & Tracey Welsh  2-gauge
MOM1EX3122 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Albert R. Powell  2-gauge
MOM1EX3126                                            S.D. Roadster Stan & Sandy Muraski  N/A
MOM1EX3127                                            S.D. Roadster Ron & Sharon Guthrie  N/A
MOM1EX3131 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Steve & Diana Hargrove  3-gauge
MOM1EX3139 Jan 1980                               D. Roadster Pat & Florence Howard  2-gauge
MOM1EX3143 1980                                      D. Roadster Dick & Robin Stevens  2-gauge
MOM1EX3177 1980                                      D. Roadster Bert & Beverly Phillips  2-gauge
MOM1EX3191 Feb 1980                               D. Roadster James & Kay Carr  1-gauge
MOM1EX3230                                D. Roadster John & Margaret Bruce  2-gauge
MOM1EX3232                                            S.D. Roadster Steve Graf  1-gauge
MOM1EX3249M 1980                                      D. Roadster Bill & Patty Wootton  1-gauge
MOM1EX3260 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Ed Richards  N/A
MOM1EX3276 1980                                      D. Roadster Carl & Bev Krenz Cotrone  1-gauge
MOM1EX3286                                               D. Roadster Clayton & Sally Richardson  1-gauge
MOM1EX3299 1980                                      D. Roadster Steve Goodman  2-gauge
MOM1EX3327 1980                                   Std Roadster Patrick & Mary Chambers  2-gauge
MOM1EX3338 June 1980                         S.D. Roadster Richard & Lisa Mutrie  1-gauge
MOM1EX3340 1980                                   S.D. Roadster John & Judy Craft  1-gauge
MOM1EX3362 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Gene & Ann Smith  1-gauge
MOM1EX3367 Feb 1980                            S.D. Roadster Bruce & Bettina Gorrie  1-gauge
MOM1EX3374 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Keegan & Rebecca Federal  2-gauge
MOM1EX3378 June 1980                         S.D. Roadster Gene & Sandy Pike  1-gauge
MOM1EX3388 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Thomas & Betty Westfall  1-gauge
MOM1EX3420 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Kurtis & Kathy Deliperre  1-gauge
MOM1EX3433 1979                                      D. Roadster S. Morgan & Kathy Harris  2-gauge
MOM1EX3443 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Andrew [Andy] Selva  1-gauge
MOM1EX3450M 1980                                    S.D. Roadster James Pennington  1-gauge
MOM1EX3456 1980                                   S.D. Roadster C.D. Chet Kass  N/A
MOM1EX3480 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Charlie & Arlene Szoch  1-gauge
MOM1EX3488 May 1980                             S.D. Roadster Russell & Teresa Davis  1-gauge
MOM1EX3493 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Robert & Norma  1-gauge
MOM1EX3520 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Rich Patroske  N/A
MOM1EX3542 1980                                      D. Roadster Susan & Robbie Gray  2-gauge
MOM1EX3547 1980                                   S.D.Roadster Gene T & Betty Farmer  1-gauge
MOM1EX3549 1980                                      D. Roadster Frenando & Martha Pineda  N/A
MOM1EX3562  1980                                             D. Roadster Chuck & Jamie Kozelka  1-gauge
MOM1EX3565 1980                                      D. Roadster Bob & Irene Hillman  2-gauge
MOM1EX3569 1980                                      D. Roadster Lynn Dawson  N/A
MOM1EX3574 1980                                      D. Roadster Ken & Christie Caraway  1-gauge
MOM1EX3577 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Jim Wink  1-gauge
MOM1EX3584M 1980                                          Standard  Chuck & Ollie Ingram  N/A
MOM1EX3591 June 1980                         S.D. Roadster Jeffrey & Cheryl Pischke  2-gauge
MOM1EX3594 1980                                      D. Roadster Nancy & Donald Bucci  N/A
MOM1EX3605 1979                                   S.D. Roadster George & Betty Edworthy  1-gauge
MOM1EX3610M 1980                                      D. Roadster Russell & Caroline Smith  1-gauge
MOM1EX3612 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Ralph & Betty Bergman Ackerman  1-gauge
MOM1EX3635M June 1980                                Standard  Bill & Barb McCririe   1-gauge 
MOM1EX3647 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Gene Farmer  N/A
MOM1EX3657M June 1980                                Standard Phil & Sharon Rendahl  1-gauge
MOM1EX3660 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Dr. Noel & Dr. Joanne Narut  1 -gauge
MOM1EX3664 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Angelo & Lori Ferrente  2-gauge
MOM1EX3665 1980                                      S.D. Roadster Jake & Shirley Lance  1-gauge
MOM1EX3668 July 1980                                 D. Roadster Margaret & Paul Cizauskas  1-gauge
MOM1EX3682 July 1980                              S. D. Roadster John & Linda Morman  2-gauge
MOM1EX3694 1980                                    S.D. Roadster James J. Morrow  N/A
MOM1EX3700 Aug 18, 1980                       D. Roadster Drue & Sandy Gillis  2-gauge
MOM1EX3703 July, 1980                             S.D.Roadster Robert Baer  1-gauge
MOM1EX3710 1980                                       Std Roadster Bruce Austin  1-gauge
MOM1EX3727 1980                                       Std Roadster Gary Hebert  1-gauge
MOM1EX3733 1980                                       Std Roadster Dave & Robin  Powell  1-gauge
MOM1EX3738 1980                                        D. Roadster Richard Lowe  2-gauge
MOM1EX3788 1980                                        Std. Roadster Jacques & Holly Dham  1-gauge
MOM1EX3798 1980                                          Roadster Sue  Kraft  N/A
MOM1EX3801                                            S.D. Roadster Craig Weinstein  2-gauge
MOM1EX3808                                           Std, Roadster Sean Morris  N/A
MOM1EX3819 1980                                    Std. Roadster Pat & Barbara Leitermann  N/A
MOMEX3821 ?                                          D.       Roadster Chuck & Dianne Carlson  1-gauge
MOM1EX3826 1980                                          Standard Stacy & Judy Stasenka  N/A
MOM1EX3842 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Clark & Linda Hamerly  2-gauge
MOM1EX3848 1980                                      D. Roadster Ron & Claire Rebele  2-gauge
MOM1EX3863 1980                                   Std. Roadster Kenneth Blosser  1-gauge
MOM1EX3870 1980                                      D. Roadster John & Barbara James  2-gauge
MOM1EX3873 1980                                      D. Roadster Tom & Judy Myers  2-gauge
MOM1EX3874M 1981                                   S.D. Roadster Rhonda Thackrey  N/A
MOM1EX3879                                            Std  Roadster Joseph Murray  N/A
MOM1EX3885 1980                             Linda & Charles Stafford  N/A
MOM1EX3886                                              D. Roadster Wayne & Jan Anderson  2-gauge
MOM1EX3892 Aug 1980                             D. Roadster       James & Lois Ann Smith  2-gauge
MOM1EX3896 Aug 1980                             D. Roadster Emerson & Linda Ray  2-gauge
MOM1EX3966 1980                                     D. Roadster Bob & Mary Henry  2-gauge
MOM1EX4006 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Vicki & Alex Billings  2-gauge
MOM1EX4173 1980                                      Polar Bear Bob & Linda Cowgill  2-gauge
MOM1EX4186 Aug 1980                         S. D. Roadster Stephen & Patricia Taylor  2-gauge
MOM1EX4187 1980                                          Roadster Elton B. Harvey  1-gauage
MOM1EX4188 1980                                  S.D. Roadster John Jeannerette  1-gauge
MOM1EX4256 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Jody Smith  N/A
MOM1EX4268 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Maurice Rousseau  N/A
MOM1EX4275 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Tom & Sharon Winters  2-gauge
MOM1EX4279 1980                                      D. Roadster Tim & Sandy Arthur  2-gauge
MOM1EX4286 1980                                 Std.  Roadster Bob Pruett  1-gauge
MOM1EX4291 Aug, 1980                             D. Roadster Peter & Liz Napoli  2-gauge
MOM1EX4306 1980                                     D. Roadster Bill Johnson & Sharon Anderson  2-gauge
MOM1EX4323 Aug 1980                             D. Roadster William Craig & Jane Minihan  2-gauge 
MOM1EX4330 1980                                     D. Roadster Jim & Beulah Bonneville  2-gauge
MOM1EX4331 1980                                     D. Roadster Harold & Jean Hobbs  2-gauge
MOM1EX4337 1980                                     D. Roadster Edward & Diane Walter  2-gauge
MOM1EX4348M 1980                                     D. Roadster Lee & Lynn Wolf  1-gauge
MOM1EX4366 1980                                         Roadster Larry  Dringenberg  N/A
MOM1EX4415 1980                             Mike & Donna Bekech  2-gauge
MOM1EX4423 Sept. 1980                       S. D. Roadster Robert & Judy Gustafson  2-gauge
MOM1EX4433 May 29, 1980                            Standard Andy Sopko & Debbie Good  2-gauge
MOM1EX4437          (sold) 1980          (sold )                D. Roadster Bob Messercola  2-gauge
MOM1EX4454M July 1980                               D. Roadster Jim & Darlene Hunt  2-gauge
MOM1EX4460 1980                                                   Fred Brown  N/A
MOM1EX4461 1980                                      D. Roadster Jerry & Barbara LaStella  2-gauge
MOM1EX4464 1980                                      D. Roadster Cody & Judy  Wood  2-gauge
MOM1EX4473 1980                                      D. Roadster Stace & Joyce Leichliter  2-gauge
MOM1EX4479                                               D. Roadster  Larry & Genie Zampieri  2-gauge
MOM1EX4503M 1980                                      D. Roadster Rex & Judy Lathen  N/A
MOM1EX4515M 1980                                      D. Roadster Robert Overly  N/A
MOM1EX4553 1980                                      D. Roadster Jim & Brenda Moore  2-gauge
MOM1EX4562 1980                                     D. Roadster Raymond Kemp  1-gauge
MOM1EX4581 Nov. 1980                              D. Roadster Vince & Barbara Bartkus  2-gauge
MOM1EX4589 1980                                      D. Roadster Bob & Joanne St Germain  2-gauge
MOM1EX4593 1980                                      D. Roadster Dave & Susie Reed  2-gauge
MOM1EX4623 Jan. 1980                              D. Roadster Harry Hewitt  2-gauge
MOM1EX4648 1980                                          Standard   William A. Potter  N/A
MOM1EX4648 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Danny & Judy Walden  1-gauge
MOM1EX4654 1980 Ron Coleman   N/A
MOM1EX4657M 1980                                      D. Roadster Steve & Mary Ann Callarman  2-gauge
MOM1EX4669 Oct. 1980                              D. Roadster Jaye Steinbrick  2-gauge
MOM1EX4681 1980                                   Std. Roadster Joe Parisini $ Sharon Naile  2-gauge
MOM1EX4697 1980                                      D. Roadster Ray & Barbara McAlister  2-gauge
MOM1EX4717 Nov. 1980                            S.D. Roadster Jim & Judy Herron  1-gauge
MOM1EX4729 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Antonio Matus  2-gauge
MOM1EX4771 1980                                   Std Roadster Raymond Friend  2-gauge
MOM1EX4784 Aug. 1980                              D. Roadster Silas Read  2-gauge
MOM1EX5529 May 1980                           S.D. Roadster Loren Little  1-gauge
1HWA31AA2AE000543 1980                                      D. Roadster Leo & Joelyn Higgins  2-gauge
1HWA311AA9AE00596 1980                                      D. Roadster Chris & Linda Bowen  N/A
IHWA31AA7AE000614 1980                                      D. Roadster Jerry & Sharon Sterling  2-gauge
1HWA31AA2AE000693 1980                                      D. Roadster Dallas & Sharon Graham  2-gauge
IHWA22AA7AE004834                                               D. Roadster Dennis & Jackie Rutkoskie  2-gauge
1HWA22AA3AE004846 Aug. 1980                         S.D. Roadster Loreto & Francine Dispenza  2-gauge
1HWA22AA9AE004849 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Dennis Turner  1-gauge
1HWA22AA4AE004886 1981                                  S.D. Roadster Clarence & Jan Stone  2-gauge
1HWA22AAXAE004889 1980               S.D. Polar Bear Roadster Mike & Pam Finley  N/A
1HWA22AA3AE004894 May 1981                           S.D. Roadster Charles & Linda Wood  2-gauge
1HWA22AA1BE004903 1982                                  S.D. Roadster Richard & Barb Boreen  N/A
INWA32AA9AE005058 1980                                      D. Roadster Bobby & Bernice Gilbert  2-gauge
1HWA32AAXAE005070 1981                                      D. Roadster Brian & Julie McIntire  2-gauge
1HWA32AA1AE005071 Jan 1980                               D. Roadster Michael & Judy Colby  2-gauge
1HWA32AA0AE005076 1980                                      D. Roadster Robert Wildey  N/A
1HWA32AA6AE005079 1980                                   Std. Roadster Martin Mason  2-gauge
1HWA21AA1AE005085 1981                                      D. Roadster Robert Bates  N/A
IHWA32AA2AE005094 1980                                      D. Roadster Fred & Rosy Uggla  2-gauge
1HWA32AA1AE005099 Aug. 1980                             D. Roadster Nancy & Thomas Collins  2-gauge
1HWA32AA6AE005101 Sept. 1980                            D. Roadster Phillip & Donna Brown  N/A
1HWA32AA9AE005108 Sept. 1980                            D. Roadster Thomas Vigar  2-gauge
1HWA42AA2AE005139 Aug. 1980                          Std. Roadster Don & Lani Sinkway  N/A
IHWA42AA0AE005141 1981                                    Std. Roadster Maurice & Indasah Moore  2-gauge
1HWA42AA8AE005145 Jan. 1980                           Std. Roadster Bill & Sharon Hayes  1-gauge
1HWA42AA1AE005147 Aug. 1980                          Std. Roadster Bill Van Pala  2-gauge
1HWA21AA4AE005188 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Rodger & Doris Callahan  2-gauge
1HWA21AAXAE005194 1980                                   S.D. Roadster W. G. & P. Boyden  1-gauge
1HWA21AA1AE005195 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Robert & Pat Reed  N/A
1HWA21AA1AE005200 Aug. 1980                           Golden Oldie Skip Addison  2-gauge
1HWA21AA7AE005203 Sept 1980                           S.D. Roadster Sam & Pat Summers  2-gauge
1HWA21AA2AE005206 Dec. 1979                           S.D. Roadster William J. & Mary Wilson  2-gauge
1HWA21AA1AE005214 Sept. 1980                         S.D. Roadster Gary & Beverly Rathbun  1-gauge
1HWA21AA9AE005221 Sept. 1980                            D. Roadster Tom & Maria Comerford  2-gauge
1HWA21AA4AE005224   1980                                   S.D. Roadster A. J. Grotsma  N/A
1HWA21AAXAE005230 1980                                   Polar Bear S.D. Bill & Kathy Wagner  2-gauge
1HWA21AA2AE005237 1980                                   Polar Bear S.D. Herb & Becky Torbin  2-gauge
1HWA21AA9AE005249 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Jim Teach  2-gauge
1HWA21AA0AE005253 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Buddy & Doris Stanberry  2-gauge
IHWA21AA2AE005254 Nov. 1980                             D. Roadster Mike & Cheryl Meier  2-gauge
1HWA21AA1AE005262 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Thomas & Christie Kave  1-gauge
IHWA21AA5AE005264 1980                                   S.D. Roadster George & Nicole Piccott  2-gauge
IHWA21AA2AE005271 Polar Bear                         S.D. Roadster Frank & Darlene  Jarman  2-gauge
1HWA21AAXAE005292 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Jack E. McMillian  2-gauge
IHWA21AA1AE005293 Oct. 1980                            S.D. Roadster Wm. Larry Roberts  1-gauge
1HWA21AA8AE005324 Nov. 1980                          S.D. Roadster Ron & Vicki  Conley  N/A
1HWA21AA3AE005330 1980                                   Std Roadster Ralph Goodwin   Vern Sundin  2-gauge
1HWA21AA0AE005334  Nov. 1980                                Polar Bear Fred & Wanda Bradley   2-gauge 
1HWA21AA5AE005345 Aug. 1980                         S.D. Roadster Louis & Melissa Oursler  2-gauge
1HWA21AA9AE005350                                           S.D. Roadster Tom & Nancy Weber  2-gauge
1HWA21AA9AE005364 1980                                  S.D. Roadster Richard & Carol Baker  2-gauge
1HWA21AA2AE005366 Dec. 1980                                Polar Bear Ted & Grace Freemire  2-gauge
1HWA21AA6AE005368 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Mike & Janet Smith  2-gauge
1HWA21AA8AE005372 Dec. 1980                   S.D. Golden Oldie Rich & Toni Christiano  2-gauge
1HWA21AA8AE005381 Nov. 1980                          S.D. Roadster Jack & Tammy Gerbl  2-gauge
1HWA21AA2AE005383 1980                         Golden Oldie Roadster Judy & Eli Basinger  2-gauge
1HWA31AA7AE005389 1980                                      D. Roadster Dean Kauffman  2-gauge
1HWA31A199E005393 1980                                      D. Roadster Larry Hulbert  2-gauge
1HWA31AA2AE005414 Sept 10,1980                        D. Roadster Mike & Barb Boyle  2-gauge
1HWA31AA8AE005417 1980                                     D. Roadster Marty Siegel  2-gauge
1HWA31AA3AE005440 Aug. 1980                               Polar Bear        Robert Penney   2-gauge
1HWA31AA7AE005442 1980                                      D. Roadster Ed & Sandy Griffin  2-gauge
1HWA31AA6AE005450 1980                                      D. Roadster Billie & Caletta Beeson  2-gauge
1HWA31AA3AE005455                                                  Roadster Robert Gaskins  2-gauge
1WHA31AA3AE005468 1980                                      D. Roadster Paul & Barb Jenkins  2-gauge
1HWA31AA0AE005475 Aug. 1980                             D. Roadster  Dallas & Carol Dudding  N/A
1HWA31AA8AE005482 1980                                      D. Roadster Robert & Jean Faliski  2-gauge
1HWA31AAOAEOO5492                                                D. Roadster  Normand Taylor  2-gauge
1HWA31AA5AE005505 Aug 1980                               D. Roadster Richard Dahlgren  N/A
1HWA31AA9AE005524 1980                                      D. Roadster Ron Mast  N/A
1HWA31AA6AE005531 1980                                      D. Roadster Loren Little  N/A
1HWA31AA5AE005536 Sept 1980                           Std. Roadster James & Mary Davis  2-gauge
1HWA31AA7AE005540 1980                                   S.D. Modified Gary Reynolds  2-gauge
IHWA31AA8AE005546 1980                                      D. Roadster David & Cathy Lynch  1-gauge
1HWA31AA2AE005557 1980                                      D. Roadster Jim & Shirleann Nold  2-gauge
1HWA31AA4AE005561  1980                                      D. Roadster         Bob & Yari Smithson   2-gauge 
1HWA31AA1AE005565 1979                                      D. Roadster Terry & Debbie Sullivan  N/A
IHWA31AA8AE005580 1980                                      D. Roadster Patrick & Pam Conchon  2-gauge
1HWA32AA3AE005583 1980                                      D. Roadster Ronald & Marianne Caruso  N/A
1HWA41AA0AE005585 1980                                          Standard Jim & Eleanor Bannerman  2-gauge
1HWA41AA9AE005585 1980                                          Standard Robert D. DeVreese  N/A
1HWA41AA9AE005603 1980                                          Standard Dale & Celena Nichols  2-gauge
1HWA41AA2AE005605 1980                                           Roadster Herb Hardt  N/A
1HWA41AA4AE005606 Aug. 1980                                 Standard Robert & Susanna Arntzen  2-gauge
1HWA41AA6AE005607 1980                                          Standard Paul & Patricia Agema  1-gauge
1HWA41AA8AE005608 1980                                          Standard Dennis & Joyce Cody  2-gauge
1HWA41AA1AE005613 1980                                          Standard Stephen Law  2-gauge
1HWA41AAOAE005618 1981                                          Standard Jack & Janice Klemann  2-gauge
1HWA41AA3AE005628 Aug. 1980                         Std. Roadster Dean & Patty Daveport  2-gauge
1HWA41AA2AE005636 April 1980                        Std. Roadster Mike & Linda Myers  2-gauge
IHWA41AA6AE005638                                          Std Roadster Robert & Cheryl Specht  2-gauge
1HWA41AA9AE005651 1980                                     D. Roadster                            Mark Zweig  5-gauge
1HWA41AA2AE005653 Sept 9, 1980                             Standard Mike Cialkowski , Jan Heins  N/A
1HWA41AA6AE005655 Sept. 1980                                 Standard Ed Suppes  2-gauge
1HWA41AA3AE005659 1980                                          Standard Jim & Marian Dawson  1-gauge
1HWA41AA1AE005661 May 1983                                   Standard Robert & Margaret Guy  1-gauge
1HWA41AA7AE005664 Oct. 1980                                  Standard Don Smith  2-gauge
IHWA41AA6AE005686 Oct. 1980                               D. Roadster Terry & Cindy Whitaker  2-gauge
1HWA41AA7AE005695 Dec. 1980                                  Standard Bob & Linda Walker  2-gauge
1HWA41AA0AE005697 1980                                           Standard Donn Campbell  N/A
1HWA41AA0AE005716                           Standard Roadster Carl & Veneda Fleece  2-gauge
1HWA41AA6AE005722 Nov. 1980                              D. Roadster Andy Drydale  2-gauge
1HWA41AA5AE005727 Dec. 1980                              D. Roadster Dr. Bob Beverly  N/A
1HWA31AAXAE005886 July 1980                               D. Roadster Collin Casey  2-gauge
1HWA31AA3AE005888 1980                                       D. Roadster James Brown  3-gauge
1HWA31AA5AE005892 1980                                       D. Roadster Rob & Debbie White  2-gauge
1HWA31AA2AE005896 1980                                       D. Roadster Darrell & Lillian Davis  2-gauge
1HWA31AA9AE005913                                       Roadster Ronald McKeag  
1HWA31AA2AE005915 1980                                      D. Roadster Russell R. Hughes  N/A
1HWA31AA4AE005916 Sept. 1980                            D. Roadster Jerry L. Swartz  2-gauge
1HWA31AA3AE005924 1980                                      D. Roadster Robert & Marguerite Lipsit  2-gauge
1HWA31AA5AE005939 1980                                      D. Roadster Frank Romano  2-gauge
1HWA31AA4AE005947 Jan 1980                               D. Roadster Kevin & Angela Kochevar  1-gauge
1HWA31AA7AE005960 1980                                      D. Roadster Eldon & Eileen Maggard  N/A
1HWA31AA8AE005966   1980  (sold)                         D. Roadster Martin Wolverton (Sold)  2-gauge  (Sold)
1HWA31AA1AE005968 1980                                      D. Roadster Billy & Kathy Stokes  2-Gauge
1WHA31AA3AE005972 1980                                      D. Roadster Richard & Catherine Geiger  2-gauge
1HWA31AA2AE005977 1980                                      D. Roadster Thomas R. Fitzgerald  N/A
1HWA31AA4AE005978 1980                                      D. Roadster Malcolm & Esther Leonard  2-gauge
1HWA31AA6AE005979 1980                                      D. Roadster Margo Bergeron  2-gauge
1HWA31AA9AE005989 1980                                      Std. Roadster Leroy & Jacqueline Tomlinson  2-gauge
1HWA31AA7AE005991 1980                                      D. Roadster Harry & Kathie Carlson  2-gauge
IHWA31AA8AE005997 1980                                      D. Roadster Tom & Janet Grossman  1-gauge
1HWA31AAXAE006004 Sept. 1980                            D. Roadster Ed Cobble  2-gauge
1HWA31AA5AE006010 Sept 1980                            Std. Roadster Thomas J Nelson  2-gauge
1HWA31AA3AE006023 Sept 1980                            D. Roadster                             Eldon & Gloria Irving  2-gauge
1HWA31AA7AE006025 Sept. 1980                            D. Roadster               Steven Lemberg  2-gauge
1HWA31AA2AE006031 Sept 1980                              D. Roadster Larry & Carol Murphy  2-gauge
1HWA31AAXAE006049 1980                                      D. Roadster Robert G. Weir  2-gauge
1HWA31AA8AE006051 1980                                      D. Roadster Bill & Lee Anne Newton  2-gauge
1HWA31AA9AE006057 1980                                      D. Roadster Ellis & Yvonne Herbst  2-gauge
1HWA31AA2AE006059 1980                                      D. Roadster Paul & Rosemarie Schneider  2-gauge
1HWA31AA9AE006060 Oct 1980                               D. Roadster  Bill Shank  2-gauge
1HWA31AA4AE006077 Sept. 1980                            D. Roadster Douglas & Kathy Deleeuw  2-gauge
1HWA31AA5AE006086 Sept. 1980                            D. Roadster Gilles Bachand  2-gauge
1HWA31AA1AE006070 Sept 1980                              D. Roadster Mark Britton  1-gauge
1HWA31AA4AE006094 Aug. 1980                             D. Roadster Marilyn Glime  2-gauge
1HWA31AA1AE006098 1980                                      D. Roadster Robert & Linda Morrison  2-gauge
1HWA31AA0AE006108 1980                                      D. Roadster Ralph Utermoehlen  N/A 
1HWA31AA0AE006111 1980                                      D. Roadster Roger & Kimberly Wilson  N/A
1HWA31AA2AE006112 Oct. 1980                              D. Roadster Robert & Adriana Plum  2-gauge
1HWA31AA7AE006123 Oct. 1980                              D. Roadster Thomas & Nancy Collins  N/A
IHWA31AA4AE006127                                         Shay Roadster Robert & Norma Israels  2-gauge
1HWA31AA6AE006128                                         Shay Roadster Robert Brown  2-gauge
1HWA31AA4AE006130 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Jimmy Misciagna  2-gauge
1HWA31AA1AE006134 1980                                  Std. Roadster Bob & Terry Walendziewicz  2-gauge
IHWA31AA9AE006141                                             D. Roadster Eric Langenfeld  2-gauge
1HWA31AA6AE006145 Oct 1980                               D. Roadster Robert & Barbara Judy  N/A
1HWA31AA2AE006157 Oct. 1980                            Std. Roadster Jerry & Debbie Johnson  2-gauge
1HWA31AA2AE006188 Oct. 1980                              D. Roadster Rick & Sandy  Madson  2-gauge
1HWA31AA2AE006191                                             D. Roadster Ted & Pam Mackey  2-gauge
1HWA31AA3AE006197 1980                                      D. Roadster Phil & Chris Whiteside  2-gauge
1HWA31AA7AE006199 1980                                      D. Roadster Al & Carol Ann Munson  2-gauge
1HWA31AA5AE006198 Oct. 1980                              D. Roadster H. Keith Thompson  2-gauge
1HWA31AA2AE006241 1980                                      Std. Roadster Jack & Betty Kappel  1-gauge
1HWA31AA7AE006249 Oct. 1980                              Std. Roadster Wayne & Arlene Wuske  N/A
1HWA31AA6AE006257 1980                                      D. Roadster Ron & Renee Lewis  2-gauge
1HWA31AA5AE006265 Oct. 1980                              D. Roadster Mitch Mroz  2-gauge
1HWA31AA5AE006281 Nov. 1980                             D. Roadster Randal & Mildred Almarode  2-gauge
IHWA31AA1AEOO6361 1980                                        Roadster Darrel & Janice Schilz  2-gauge
1HWA31AA3AE006362 1980                                      D. Roadster Larry & Brenda Atkins  N/A
1HWA31AA7AE006364 1980                                      D. Roadster Bill & Lillian Dunn  2-gauge
1HWA31AA4AE006368 Feb. 1981                              D. Roadster Patrick & Linda White  2-gauge
1HWA31AA5AE006380 1980                                      D. Roadster Homer & Agnes Lee  N/A
1HWA31AAXAE006388 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Scott Stivers  2-gauges
1HWA31AA8AE006390 Dec 1980                              D. Roadster Charles & Hattie Wilson  2-gauge
1HWA31AAXAE006391 Nov. 1980                             D. Roadster John & Carol Brueggen  2-gauge
1HWA31AA9AB006396 Dec. 1980                             D. Roadster Al & Helen Watson  2-gauge
1HWA31AA9AE006401 1980                                      D. Roadster Donald & Gail Winkley   2-gauge
1HWA31AA7AE006414 Dec. 1980                            Std. Roadster Paul & Barbara Terry  2-gauge
1HWA31AA3AE006443 1980                                      D. Roadster Jeff & Nelda Regian  N/A
1HWA31AA0AE006447 1980                                      D. Roadster Juan & Consuelo Luzio  2-gauge
1HWA31AA3AE006457 Feb 1981                               D. Roadster William & Margaret Isaacs  N/A
1HWA31AA4AE006466 March 1981                          D. Roadster George Spencer  N/A
1HWA31AA5AE006475 Jan 1981                               D. Roadster Daniel Herrscher  2-gauge
IHWA31AA2AE006479 March 1981                          D. Roadster Kenneth Shaw Jr.   N/A
1HWA31AA9AE006480 1981                                      D. Roadster Ken & La Donna Desvernine  2-gauge
1HWA31AA3AE006488 May 1981                              D. Roadster Stacey & Jeannine Kazacos  2-gauge
1HWA31AA5AE006489 May 1981                              D. Roadster Mike R Brown  2-gauge
1HWA31AA9AE006494 1981                                      D. Roadster Rich Patroske  N/A
1HWA31AA4EA006502                                             Std Roadster Eric & Margaret Davidson  N/A
1HWA31AA7AE006512 June 1981                             D. Roadster Mike & Mary Brown  2-gauge
IHWA31AA6AE006517 1981                                      D. Roadster Cheryl & Ramon Lopez   2-gauge
1HWA31AA3AE006524 Sept. 1981                            D. Roadster Scott & Anne-Marie Depp  2-gauge
1HWA31AA0BE006528 1981                                      D. Roadster Richard Patroske  N/A
1HWA21AA3AE006672 1980                              Rhonda Thackrey  1-gauge
1HWA21AA9AE006675 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Woodrow & Eugenia Thomas  2-gauge
1HWA21AA8AE006697 Feb. 1981                          S.D. Roadster Mike Ross  2-gauge
IHWA21AA1AE006704 Feb. 1981                           S.D. Roadster  2-gauge
1HWA21AA7AE006707 1980                                   S.D. Roadster John & Robin Davis  2-gauge
1HWA21AA7AE006724 1981                                    Golden Oldie Larry Tuckier  2-gauge
1HWA21AA9AE006725 1981                                    Golden Oldie Ron Coleman  2-gauge
1HWA21AA3AE006736 April 1981                          S.D. Roadster Mary Lou & Gary Smith  2-gauge
1HWA21AA8AE006747 1981                                         Polar Bear Bob Chapman  2-gauge
1HWA21AA1AE006749 May 1981                                 Polar Bear Dick& Becky Fuller  1-gauge
1HWA21AA6AE006823 1980                                    S.D. Roadster Jim & Leslie Ellington  1-gauge
1HWA21AAXAE006825 June 1981                          S.D. Roadster Russell & Paula Duplantis  2-gauge
1HWA21AA6AE006832 June 1981                          S.D. Roadster David & Sandi Rivers  2-Gauge
1HWA21AA9AE006840 1980 S. Laframboise  2-gauge
1HWA21AA4AE006842 1981                                   S.D. Roadster Willard & Wilma Vinton  N/A
1HWA21AA8AE006844 July 1981                           S.D. Roadster Richard & Beverly Arrowood  2-gauge
1HWA21AA2AE006852 Aug. 11, 1981                    S.D. Roadster J. Wolthuis  1-gauge
1HWA21AA4AE006853 Aug, 1981                           S.D. Roadster Joan Delabio  2-gauge
1HWA21AA8BE006855 1981                                    S.D. Roadster Cecil F. Wells  N/A
1HWA21AA2AE009730 April 1981                          S.D. Roadster Paul Stark  2-gauge
A23682 1980                                   S.D. Roadster Buzz & Teresa McCown  N/A
A996724 ?                                            D. Roadster Leroy & Mattie Douglas  N/A
A99788829 June 1979                          S.D. Roadster Bill & Gayle Hoag  2-gauge
AC 134550 AMD April 1980                          S.D. Roadster Terry & Jean Waite  N/A
AZ184082 1980                                      D. Roadster Loren Little  2-gauge
AZ265547 ?                                           D. Roadster Terrill Gauthier  2-gauge
CA568779                                           S.D. Roadster   Karl & Meritta Eby  2-gauge
CA942630 1980                                    D. Roadster Harry & Becky Dilello  1-gauge
CHP#  [California] ?                                        S.D. Roadster Chris & Faye Walker  2-gauge
DMU40168                                            S.D. Roadster Tom & Judy Gudenkauf  1-gauge
DW0400 1980               #2 RARE Shay S.D.  C-Cab Jim Webb  1-gauge
DW1463A 1980                                 Shay Roadster Jack Fitzgerald  1-gauge
DW1613                                          Shay Roadster Max & Joan Pehlke  N/A
DW1699 1981                                      D. Roadster Ed Guion  N/A
DW1757A                                               D. Roadster Don Franklin  2-gauge
DW1761A 1981                                      D. Roadster Deanna Lynn Johnson  N/A
DW1762A 1981                                      D. Roadster Rufus Thomas  N/A
DW1773A                                          S.D. Roadster George Franks  N/A
DW1775A 1980                                     D. Roadster Mark A Roeder  N/A
DW1779A May 1981                          S.D. Roadster Jason & Allyson Knuteson  N/A
NCS 88997 1980                                     D. Roadster Lois Fortune  N/A
NCS 89149 ?                                       Modified Roadster Terry & Mona Hutchins  1-gauge
OK890926 Jan 1990                           Standard Roadster Richard Jackson  N/A
SOS2964621LL 1980                             Shay  D. Roadster Thomas Brown  2-gauge
SW7102PA April 1980                    D. Shay Mod Rtd Don & Winnie Shafer   N/A
SW84125PA 1980                              Shay Street Rod Harold & Linda Armstrong  N/A
WA32AA0AE005742 1981                                   S.D. Roadster Bill & Barbara Jordan  1-gauge
WA92170238 1980                                   S.D. Roadster James & Mariza Fedak  1-gauge
WA94173655                                            S.D. Roadster Connie & Dale Schultz  N/A
X4206  10038809 1980 Shay                      Deluxe Roadster Ray & Becky Baker  3 gauge
M10187A218L053095  ?                                           D. Roadster Wayne & Teri Dowalder  2-gauge
OT211882  ?                                               Roadster Greg & Mildred Ball  N/A
042 1980                                       D. Roadster Rick Johnson  2-gauge
1C3BH48D6FN July 1980                              D. Roadster Rus Calisch  2-gauge
11881102 1979                                 Shay Roadster Jim & Valerie Riddle  2-gauge
390926   Oklahoma                                                D. Roadster Richard Lawry  1-gauge
569551A  ?                                                   D. Shay Joe & Nelda Rinehart  1-gauge
6T20Y513396 ?                                                    D. Shay Charles Hazen  1-gauge
7539WIS 1929                        Ford Phaeton Replica Bob & Linda Cowgill  5-gauges
81053 1982                                    D. Roadster Tom Pfieiffer  N/A
1HWTC21A000000000 1981                                Shay 55 T-bird ShayOwner298  4-gauges
1HWTC21A3BE020014                                         Shay 55 T-Bird Radford & Theresa Goss   2-gauge
1HWTC21A3BE020018 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird   N/A
1HWTC21A7BE020023 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird Kathleen Gunnell Tauchert  2-gauge
1HWTC21A6BE020028 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird John R. McIntyre  N/A
1HWT21A0BE020042 June 1981                      Shay 55 T-Bird John Mark & Cheryl Hansen  2-gauge
1HWTC21A4BE020061 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird Larry & Barbara Adamson  2-gauge
IHWTC21A1BE020082 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird John & Virginia Yarberry  N/A
1HWTC21A3BEO20083 Aug.1981                        Shay 55 T-Bird Chuck Mulkey  N/A
1HWTC21A2BE020091 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird Don & Sally Smith  N/A
IHWTC31A7BE020092 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird Neal Foster  2-gauge
1HWTC21A5BE002636 1982                                Shay 55 T-Bird Ron & Joy Clement  N/A
1HWTC21A1BE002648 April 1982                        Shay 55 T-Bird Ken Marien  2-gauge
1HWTC21A3BE002649 1982                                 Shay 55 T-Bird Mike Brown  2-gauge
1HWTC22A5BE005177 1981               V8             Shay 55 T-Bird Lindsay & Cheryl Ives  2-gauge
1HWTC31A7BE009108 1981               V8             Shay 55 T-Bird Mike Smith  N/A
!HWTC31A9BE009109 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird Dave & Teri Brockelmeyer  N/A
1HWTC31A9BE009112 Dec.18,1981                   Shay 55 T-Bird Al & Mary Halfpap  N/A
1HWTC31A3BE009137 1982                                Shay 55 T-Bird Dennis & Linda Norcross  N/A
1HWTC21A7BE020040 1980                                 Shay 55 T-Bird John & Dianne Newman  2-gauge
1HWTC32A9BE020044 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird J Wayne McWhorter  N/A
1HWTC21A4BE020111                                         Shay 55 T-Bird Rick Gaez  N/A
1HWTC21A8BE020127 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird Edward Liberacki  N/A
1HWTC22A6BE020133 March, 1981                      Shay 55 T-Bird Don & Bev Drysdale  2-gauge
1HWTC21A9BE020136 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird Harry & Kathie Carlson  N/A
1HWTC31A3BE020140 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird T. C. Collins  2-gauge
1HWTC21A5BE022605 1981                                Shay 55 T-Bird Harry & Phyllis Ricks  N/A
6X10Y177444                                         Shay 55 T-Bird Jeffrey Street  N/A
AZ117270 1981                                Shay 55 T-bird Stephen Law  2-gauge
IHXA31AA4AE006287 Oct, 1980                            Shay Pickup Robert Essex  2-gauge
1HXA31AA6AE006291                                             Shay Pickup Jeff & Patricia Perry  2-gauge
1HXA31AA9AE006298 1980                                   Shay Pickup Jerry & Judy Allen  2-gauge
1HXA31AA3AE006300 1981                                   Shay Pickup John Morris  2-gauge 
1HXA31AAXAE006312 1980                                     Shay Pickup Tom Stevenson  N/A
IHXA31AA7AE006316  ?                                        Shay Pickup Greg & Mildred Ball  N/A
1HXA31AA2AE006319 1981                                   Shay Pickup Robert & Linda Morrison  2-gauge
1HXA31AA9AE006320 1981                                    Shay Pickup Wayne & Arlene Wuske  N/A
1HXA31AA8AE006325 1980                                    Shay Pickup Elizabeth  Brainard Downey  2-gauge
1HXA31AA5AE006332 June,1980                         Shay Pickup Graham McCreery  2-gauge
1HXA31AA6AE006347 1981                                   Shay Pickup Thomas R. Fitzgerald  N/A
1HXA31AA0AE006576  1980                                   Shay Pickup  Tom & Deborah Johnson   2-gauge 
1HXA31AA8AE006583 1980               Polar Bear Shay Pickup Terry & Sue Harris  2-gauge
1HXA31AA3AE006586 1980                                   Shay Pickup Paul & Barb Jenkins  2-gauge
1HXa31AA7AE006591 1980                                   Shay Pickup James & Rosemary Hansen  2-gauge
1HXA31AA1AE006604  ?                                        Shay  Pickup Edwin & Carla Petersen  2-gauge
1HXA31AA7AE006607 Feb. 1979                           Shay Pickup Jay Knohl Jackie josephson  N/A
1HXA31AA6AE006615 1981                                   Shay Pickup Russ & Jan Lewis  2-gauge
1HXA31AAXAE006617 1981                                   Shay Pickup Tom & Marianne Kazierczak  2-gauge
1HXA31AA3AE006619 1980                                   Shay Pickup Rick & Vicki Knowles  2-gauge
1HXA31AA5AE006623 1981                                   Shay Pickup Bob & Irma Swiger  N/A
1HXA31AA68E006632 1981                                   Shay Pickup Bob & Sarah Dawson  2-gauge
1HXA31AA7AE006638                                            Shay Pickup Joe & Tina Adcock  2-gauge
  Aug 1982                           Shay Pickup  Jerry Thompson  2-gauge
A1336609                                             Shay Pickup Jo Ann Frank  N/A
A28768                                             Shay Pickup        Wayne & Debra Laue  1-gauge
102AT57A5BE000002 Feb 1981                      Camelot 57 Thunderbird Allen & Barbara Kauffman  N/A
102AT57AXCE000005 1982                           Camelot 57 Thunderbird  1-gauge
102AT58A5EM000100 1984                            Camelot 55 T-bird Diane E. Beck  N/A 
102RA94A3DM000013 July 1983                  D. Camelot Roadster Jim Sanders  2-gauge
102RA94A3DM000021 1983                             Camelot Roadster Robert & Ellen Hardgrove  2-gauge
102RA94A2EM000058 1984                         D. Camelot Roadster George & Patty Hagan  2-gauge
102RA94A8EM000064 1984                     S.D. Camelot Roadster Bob & Cindy Collins  2-gauge
102RA94A5EM000135                         D. Camelot Roadster T. C. Collins  1-gauge
102RA94A9EM000154 1984                         D. Camelot Roadster Kathy & Gary Breedlove  2-gauge
102RA94A8EM000159 1984                         D. Camelot Roadster Lonnie Vann  2-gauge
102RA94A9EM000039 April 1984            S.D. Camelot Roadster Joe & Banjo Britt  2-gauge
102RA94A3EM000165 1984                      Std Camelot Roadster Bob & Norma Israels   2-gauge
102RA94A7FB000196 1984                             Camelot Roadster (Anonymous)  N/A 
102RA94AOFB000279 1985                       Std Camelot Roadster James Lavalley  2-gauge
102RA94A4FB000284 Nov, 1984                D. Camelot Roadster Terrill & Tracey Gauthier  2-gauge
102RA94A6FB290043 1985                             Camelot Roadster Max Reaveley  2-gauge
102RA94A1FB290046 1985                    Std.  Camelot Roadster David Rumohr  N/A
102RA94A6FB290057 March 1985        Std. Camelot Roadster Terry & Evelyn Buhite  2-gauge
102RA94A8FB290058 1985                    Std.  Camelot Roadster Jim Carlisle  2-gauge
102RA94A5FB290065 March 1985             D. Camelot Roadster Jay & Jackie Knoll  2-gauge
102RA94AXFB290076 1985                    Std.  Camelot Roadster Louis & Carol Nargi  3-gauge
102RA94A5FB290082 April 25, 1985             Camelot Roadster Les & Sandy Patrick  N/A
102RA94A9FB000233 1985                     Std. Camelot Roadster Brian Greer  1-gauge
1023A64A7GB300004 July 1985                     Camelot Phaeton Frank & Donna Kelley  2-gauge
1023A64AOGB300006 Aug. 28, 1985              Camelot Phaeton Lance & Rosalie Burton  2-gauge
1023A64A6GB300009 July 16, 1985               Camelot Phaeton Martin & Joan Blank  2-gauge
1023A64A4GB300025 1986                            Camelot Phaeton Richard & Joan Wagner  1-gauge
181PA84A7DM000004 June 1983                         Camelot Pickup Gene & Ann Smith  2-gauge
181PA84A7EM000067 July 1984                          Camelot Pickup Dave Rutherford  2-gauge
181PA84A9FB000231 1985                                 Camelot Pickup Steve & Lori Soukup  2-gauge
181PA84AXFB000271                                        Camelot Pickup Gregory & Rosalie Goodwin  1-gauge
181PA84A5FB000274 Jan.18,1985                     Camelot Pickup Jerry & Shirley Younts  2-gauge
181PA84A5FB000324 Jan 1985                          Camelot Pickup Marv & Dianne Vaughter  2-gauge
A90522429 9-28-1982                     (Modern A) kit car  Kirk & Pamela Kirkham  N/A
Rebuilt8319416667 1983                              (Modern A) kit car Paul & Rosemarie Schneider  2-gauge
SVMXX15320 1991   Shell Valley     D. Roadster  kit car James & Davetta Sheppard  5-gauge
000202 1984                               Camelot Roadster Herman & Julia Jackson  2-gauge
370 1970                               Glassic Phaeton Jack & Tammy Gerbl  N/A
755 1973                               Glassic Pharton Jack & Tammy Gerbl  N/A
HBR29#A#22W006811W1 Made in Wisconsin       Phaeton Randy Gauny  1-gauge
R209 1983                          1955 T-bird Replica Tom & Sharon Winters  2-gauge