Across the rattlesnake and scorpion infested plains of Texas ... through the teeming, alligator and moccasin
laden swamps of Louisiana, came the first two of their kind to meet in unity and in brotherhood in
Nacogdoches, Texas, on June 9, 2000. History will record that, though small in numbers, this first
inauspicious gathering would ultimately lead to the formation of the greatest automobile club the world has
ever known. From left to right: Linda and Jim Boone, Bobby and Tina Watson. May God bless and go with
these four wonderful human beings.
Iowa get-together in early February 2001
(starting at left): Jerry & Judy Allen, Donna Comegys,
Colleen Wood, Bob Comegys and Gary Wood.
2000 Natchitoches Xmas Parade
Jim Boone looking for his crank handle
May 2001 Eureka
Shay Convention
The biggest gathering
of Shays since they left
the factory parking lot
in 1980
At the A&W Car Show August 25,2001, Des Moines, Iowa: Well the first ever car show that had a Shay Class was a big
hit!! We made it hard on the judges. The difference from 3rd place to first place was only 6 points!! Here is the way it
finished: 3rd place was a tie: Larry & Peggy Hulbert (Deluxe Roadster) and Jerry & Judy Allen (Super Deluxe Roadster).
2nd went to Gary & Colleen Wood (Super Deluxe Roadster). First went to Jerry & Judy Allen (Pick-up) and also to Bob
& Donna Comegys (Deluxe Roadster). That's right!! We got them for 5 trophies.......
Hershey, Pennsylvania, October 12, 2001: Jim Boone, Gilles Bachand, Herb Lorenz and Bobby Watson.
Second annual Shay Convention in Eureka Springs, May 2002.
2nd Annual Iowa SOCI Meeting in Carroll, on Saturday July 20, 2002.
5 Shay Roadsters and one Shay Pickup were there. Bob & Donna Comegys ,
Jerry & Judy Allen , Larry & Peggy Hulbert , Ron & Donna Nicolls , Colleen &
Gary Wood. It was 103 degrees with a heat index of 115 degrees...
3rd annual SOCI Meeting in Iowa, September 2003
Fourth Annual SOCI Iowa Meeting, held on August 27, 28 & 29, 2004 in
Sioux City