Max Pehlke's Roadster,
from South Bend, Indiana
Ralph Utermoehlen's Roadster,
from Manhattan, Kansas
Dene Rogers' Roadster,
from Bremerton, Washington
Never let someone else drive your Shay!
Chuck & Cathy Waters' Roadster,
from Tucson, Arizona
Rick & Vicki Knowles' Deluxe Pick-Up,
from Cedar Park, Texas
Wade & Debbie Vernon's modified Super Deluxe
Roadster, from Rockwell, North Carolina
Bob & Billie Kimbrell's Shay,
from Pleasant Hill, Missouri
                                      Al & Mary Halfpap's Shay Thunderbird, from Boone, Iowa.
This isthe last Shay automobile to leave the factory before they locked up the gate for the bankruptcy. Al went to the factory to
pick up his Shay 55 T-Bird. He had paid for it up front (about a year ahead), had called them and was told it was ready for him to
pick up. When he got to the factory and pulled up to the guard shack, he noticed that there was nobody moving around at the
factory. The guard asked him what he wanted and when he told him that he was there to get his Shay, he looked at him and
smiled. He asked him to wait while he would call inside to see what could be done. About that time, the sheriff department
showed up to serve the Court papers. Al told them he was there to get his car and the sheriff said he would wait until they
brought his car out to him. They came out and told Al that his T-Bird was not ready, but that they had one just like the one he
ordered, except it was red, not white. Al accepted and was given this red T-Bird just as Shay Corp. closed its gates forever!