Dr. Noel & Dr. Joanne Narut's 1980 Super Deluxe
Roadster, from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Bobby Watson's Miss Rosie and her new brother Mr. Rusty attending a concert during the Depression.
For other pictures of Miss Rosie, go to picture page 8
Jim Barker's 1931 Ford Pickup body on a Shay running gear
[platform] from Linden, California
Robert Overly's Deluxe Roadster, from Hanover, Pennsylvania
Jerry Thompson's Shay Pick Up,
from Maysville, Iowa
Cody  Wood's Roadster,
from Bradenton, Florida
Bill Edenfield's Shay, from Bradenton, Florida
Lance  Burton's 1985 Camelot Phaeton,
from Raymore, Missouri
Jerry & Sasha Gillman's Deluxe Roadster,
from Shady, New York