Robert & Barbara Ellsworth's 1980 Super Deluxe Roadster, from
Taylors, South Carolina
Eldon & Jaye Lowe's 1980 Modified Roadster,
from Rio Linda, California
Bob & Irene Hillman's 1980 Deluxe Roadster, from Islip, New York.

Below: Also with their son's 1973 Glassic Phaeton.
Phil & Sharon Rendahl's 1980 Standard Roadster,
from New Pine Creek, Oregon
John & Gerri Gendall's 1980 Super Deluxe Roadster,
from Mount Dora, Florida
On stage in the 1994 production of «The Pirates Of Penzance» at the
Sault Opera of Toronto, Ontario.
Ann M. Bailey's modified Deluxe Roadster,
from Killeen,Texas
Max Reaveley's 1985 Camelot Deluxe Roadster,
from Cortez, Colorado
Gary & Martha Reynolds' 1980 modified Super Deluxe Roadster,
from Panama City Beach, Florida