Dan Miller's VERY RARE 1986 Camelot Phaeton, from Swanton, Ohio
Ken & La Donna Desvernine's 1981 Deluxe Roadster,
from Concord, California
«I'm the new owner of a Shay, Found «farm fresh» in
California. Spent $20 at the local coin-op car wash and a new
battery and it's on the road. I felt a little like Woody Allen in
Sleeper. Starting the Bug in the cave.. I'm not sure if I want to
restore it, it has a vintage all original look right now.»
Mike Sturdevant's 1980 Super Deluxe Roadster,
from Newberg, Oregon
Jimmy & Patty Salmons' 1980 Shay Super Deluxe Roadster,
from Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Andy  & Deddie Sopko's 1980 Standard Roadster, from
La Porte, Indiana
Bob Mohr's 1981 Super Deluxe Roadster,
from Jacksonville, Florida
Dennis & Carol Myers' 1980 Shay Super Deluxe Roadster
(before and after the 2006 restoration), from Tipp City, Ohio