Dave & Lee Rumohr: 1985 Camelot  Polar Bear
Standard Roadster Coming out of Hibernation .
   Dave & Lee Rumohr Just missed qualifying at
       Indy by a couple of hundred miles per hour.
 Ken & Susie Souder's 1980 Deluxe Roadster
             From Independence, Kentucky
 Jim & Dolly Wendland's 1980 Super Deluxe
            Roadster from Peoria, Illinois
 Dale & Frances Jones's 1980 Super Deluxe
        Roadster from Auburndale, Florida
 Michael R Brown's 1981 Deluxe Roadster
                from Iuka, Mississippi
 Charles T. Stevenson's 1980 Super Deluxe
     Roadster from Janesville, Wisconsin
 Robert & Ellen Hardgrove's 1983 Camelot Standard
              Roadster from Coweta, Oklahoma
 Paul T. Agema's 1980 Standard Roadster
             from Wyoming, Michigan
 Donn Campbell's 1980 standard Roadster
            from Port Huron, Michigan