Lindsay & Cheryl Ives's 1981 Shay 1955 Thunderbird with V8  from Bundaberg North, QLD, Australia.
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Dean Kauffman's 1980 Shay Deluxe Roadster from
                              Pearland, Texas
Dave Rutherford's 1984 Camelot Pickup
               from W
oodbridge, Virginia.
   John & Carol Neph's 1979 Shay Super Deluxe
             Roadster from Gaylord, Michigan.          
Ron & Cheryl Bittner's Shay Super Deluxe Roadster
                      from Omaha, Nebraska.
Wendy & Ken Fries's 1980 Shay Deluxe Roadster
                  from Paris, Ontario, Canada
 Pete & Kay Harrelson's 1980 Shay Super Deluxe
              Roadster from Saltillo, Mississippi.
John Mark & Cheryl Hansen's Shay 1955 Thunderbird
                           from Omaha, Nebraska