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Embroidered Shay logo on items
Shay wooden items
Betty Sue Lowder  - owner

Lowder's Crafts and Laser Engraving
5185 Fish Pond Road Salisbury, NC 28146

Home phone number     704 - 279 - 2353

Cellular number     704 - 640 - 4504

Shipping will be about $2.00 to $5.00 for single items.

Money orders or personal checks
[ checks are to clear before shipping]
Use the above web sites to select your apparel or mail your own.
Pricing is based on apparel chosen & size of embroidered design.
Contact Nancy by e-mail @:
themagicneedle@comcast.net or by
phone (309) 697-1748 for more information.
Either mat is approx. 21 1/2" long and 10 1/2" wide.
100% black polyester carpet, clean with soap & water.

Shay car mats in car color:           SOCI car mats:
$55.00 plus shipping.                     $44.00 plus shipping.
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