I have been working on a new project, since I've been
to a few car shows this summer I thought I could come
out with something better than what I have seen at the

The enclosed picture can be a
poster, a standing
sign, or framed for a wall.  I'm going to be offering this
as a service but I don't have the all the details yet such
as exact pricing  due to what the customer may want
as a final take.  The picture size can be anything the
customer wants and can be used to produce other
items such as t-shirts and mugs and keychains as well
as a background screen for your computer.

If you could post this on the Web I would make
members a special deal and they could have there
picture of their Shay's with any details they would want
to include. I'm excited about this new adventure and I
hope it is well received by the Shay members.

If anyone wants a
calendar printed out on special 19"
by 13" heavy paper, I'll also do that for $15.00 plus

Herb Lorenz
You can buy these posters or this calendar
(13" x 19") for $15 each + shipping.
Series I Poster
Series II Poster